Hi, I’m Whitney Aluyon!

Creative entrepreneur, Atlanta born coach, speaker and mac & cheese connoisseur. Obsessed with: house plants, Gilmore Girls & spicy margaritas. My deepest joy is to guide women back home to themselves where they can discover the truth that they are already more than enough!

My Why

I was 27 when I landed my “dream job”. I was working for the fastest growing company in the world. I was in charge of planning weekly events to build community and help entrepreneurs grow wildly successful business and lives they loved. It sounds magical, doesn’t it? Yet, my days were marked by stress, exhaustion and way too much coffee. An endless whirlwind of 12 hour days and the constant  glorification of busy, the exhaustion set in. I realized I was helping everyone around me reach their dreams and yet I was nowhere closer to where I wanted to be in my own life. Never being one to sit on an idea for too long, I quit, with big dreams of launching my own event planning company.

I did just that and before I knew it, my days were a dizzy whirlwind of weddings, events, floral pop-ups shops, and partnerships with major brands like West Elm. From the outside looking in, my business was thriving but yet again, I was barely surviving. My little Los Angeles apartment was constantly full of flowers and although that may sound magical, it was actually quite the opposite. After another night of only a couple hours of sleep, I had a wake up call — it wasn’t the job that needed to change, it was me. The constant need to hustle and prove my worth had left me empty and totally depleted.

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A few weeks later, I found myself leaving my doctor’s office with an adrenal fatigue diagnosis. All the years of overworking, overgiving and not prioritizing myself or my health had finally caught up to me. I very quickly realized that the business I built for myself had zero room for me. I knew I had to stop everything I was doing and get crystal clear about what I wanted my life to look like and the woman I really wanted to be. I went all in — I hired a coach, a holistic doctor, an acupuncturist, went to yoga, started meditation, traded some of the coffee for water and started prioritizing my health for the first time in my life! I slowed everything down and my life began to really change.

My health improved — as it turns out you can’t just live off mac and cheese and ice cream. I learned how to set killer boundaries, stop hustling my way to worth and rest in the truth that I am already more than enough. I started saying no to jobs that drained me and clients that didn’t light me up and not long after, I closed up my business. It became crystal clear that my purpose was to serve other women on their journey to healing and wholeness. Pursing my dreams has not been easy but it’s been so worth it and now, nothing brings me more joy than seeing women own their worth and create a life they’re so crazy in love with that even Beyonce would approve!

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Still curious? Get to know more about me:

I live for heart to hearts over coffee, deep belly laughs and dance parties. My heart skips a beat for all things wild — the ocean, the dessert, and spontaneous road trips! I studied Psychology in college and I am a total nerd when it comes to understanding what makes our beautiful minds work. Don’t get me started on Neuroscience or anything Enneagram! I’m an absolute bookworm and the stack of books on by bedside table is constantly piling up.

My husband and I met over 5 years ago when he was visiting from Los Angeles. We spent the first year of our relationship long distance — Skype dates and all the frequently flyer miles. A year later, I moved to Los Angeles and we were engaged a month later! We got married in a greenhouse off the LA River and lived in Los Angeles for the past 4 years before relocating back to Atlanta this July. We now live tucked in the heart of the city, just off of a creek and surrounded by a canopy of trees. This nature loving, city girl is quite happy! Our nights are marked by lingering dinner parties with friends, walks at the park with our Yorkie-Poo, Boba (after the Tea, not Boba Fett) and slowly but surely eating our way through Atlanta!